Authentic Selling 

In A World Of Automation And Half-Personalization

Wed, August 10th, 2022
10:30am CST / 9pm IST

Jeff Kirchick

Sales leader and GTM Advisor

We often associate salesmanship with phoniness — used car dealers, telemarketers, snake oil salesmen — but in this session, Jeffrey Kirchick, proven sales leader, argues that what’s missing in salesmanship is what’s missing in life generally: authenticity. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning threatening to render whole professions obsolete, authenticity matters more than ever — and not only to people who work in sales.

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Sales leader and GTM Advisor

Jefferey Kirchick

Jeff Kirchick is an established sales leader who led enterprise sales for a YC startup with a successful exit and currently leads sales at Able.

He has led a successful sales career for over a decade and spends much of his free time mentoring younger sales professionals who are interested in sales as a career, particularly those who come from underrepresented backgrounds in tech sales. 

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