Bryon Evje

Atlanta Metropolitan Area


Socially Adept


They are more likely to go for proven solutions.  Unlike D or C types, they are calm as well as friendly and can give the impression of being more receptive than they actually are. Win-win scenarios can appeal strongly to them.

Insights For Selling To Bryon

When Writing An Email

During A Call Or A Meeting


  • Use testimonials, case studies to show them why it is a low-risk, high-value decision.
  • If possible, involve their colleagues in the sales process.
  • Be visibly appreciative of their actions during your interactions.


  • Avoid unnecessary confrontation if it arises incidentally.
  • Don’t sound very transactional.
  • Don’t push them to make decisions very fast, let them take their time.

While Negotiating & Closing

    The secret to closing fast with Bryon is

  • Relationships can play a major role, followed by low risk and strong market validation.
  • Will you ever get a clear answer from Bryon

  • They are not very direct, and unlikely to say no to your face.

Insights For Deal Planning

How fast (or slow) will Bryon move?

They can take their time to make decisions, even if they are constantly involved and friendly.

Can Bryon take some risk or not?

It is unlikely that they will take many risks.

You now know Bryon better than 99% of their friends. Would you like to do the same for other prospects?

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