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Build Relationships That Last.

Build Relationships
That Last.

Sell. Hire. Win. More with Humantic.

Sell. Hire. Win.
More with Humantic.

Understand every individual

Without spending your time or theirs.

Humantic's path-breaking technology predicts everyone's behavior without them ever needing to take a personality test.


Get personalized advice that just works

Without having to do research yourself.

With the right communication advice crafted by Humantic AI based on the individual’s personality, you leave them wanting to work just with you.

Right where you need it

So that you are always spot on

Humantic works with Linkedin, Gmail; with many more integrations on the way. Try it for free and see the magic happen.


For Talent Acquisition

Get superpowers with Humantic.
Build all-star teams.


For Sales

Know exactly what will swing the deal.
Close every time.

Behind The Scenes


Big Five Personality Traits


DISC Profile


Workplace Behavioral Factors

Humantic AI is a pioneer in the field of predictive behavioral assessment. The Humantic platform is not just a Machine Learning and AI platform, it combines ML & AI with Social & IO Psychology, Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics, thereby creating one of the most powerful cross-domain applied research systems in the world.

It combines 25+ year old research done by Prof. James Pennebaker (UT Austin) et all establishing strong correlations between linguistics and personality with work done by Dr. Michal Kosinski (Stanford University) et all establishing correlations between social activity and behavior. Dr. Kosinski also sits on Humantic AI's Science Advisory Board and advises some of its research and algorithm initiatives.

AI That Respects Your Individuality

Bias and Discrimination

Humantic evens the ground for minority groups by reducing reliance on pedigree and buzzwords where the majority might have an unfair advantage.

Privacy Compliance

Respect for each individual and their privacy is at Humantic's core. It therefore uses only publicly available data and does not analyze any data that is private to an individual.

Data Recycling

Humantic recycles data that you have voluntarily shared already. Why should you be asked to share more personal data at every step when the required data is already available?

Freedom of Expression

Leveraging 25+ years of research in Psycholinguistics, Humantic can predict personality based just on how you express yourself and never needs to look at what you express.

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