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4 Reasons Why You Must Try Crystal Knows Personality AI

If you’ve heard of Personality AI, chances are – you’ve probably heard one or two of these names being tossed around – Humantic AI (that’s us!) and Crystal (they’re pretty neat, too)

For the uninitiated, Personality AI is a groundbreaking technology that helps revenue teams understand their buyers at a deeper level, beyond reductive ‘customer personas’

Just so you know, this is not your typical SaaS comparison page where we compare apples to apple-shaped pears and tell you which fruit you should buy to keep the doctor away. We do have one of those, but this is not that. 

We’ve always given Crystal credit where it’s due: while we were building a stellar product in stealth, speaking to the market and understanding its pulse, Crystal was out there educating people about Personality AI, preparing the world for us. Thanks, Crystal! 

Without further ado, here’s why you should try Crystal.

Crystal’s UI is pretty

Humantic AI is pretty… much everything a salesperson would need.

Crystal’s chrome extension looks pretty. Those hues of blue are nice. On the other hand, with Humantic AI, customers don’t focus on just the pretty (which it is btw, just with hues of yellow). It’s pretty much everything a salesperson would need to know about their buyers and foster authentic connections with them.

With native integrations in CRM tools (Hubspot, Salesforce) and sales engagement platforms of choice, Humantic AI works where salespeople work. Did we mention email and calendar Integrations? We digress. Back to the point.

Crystal is a great playground to start exploring Personality AI. Once you have enough conviction about its role in sales, we’re sure you’ll find your way back to this blog.

Crystal understands that every buyer is unique

Well, hold that thought. Not that unique.

Crystal breaks down people into exactly 16 personality types. (Did someone say Myers-Briggs?)

Humantic AI, on the other hand, uses a combination of DISC and Big 5 frameworks to generate actionable, accurate insights for every personality type humanly possible. Just for DISC, Humantic has 36 personality types. And then we multiply those by some of the Big 5 traits. In simpler terms, you get a much higher-resolution picture of your buyer with Humantic AI.

But hey, Crystal understands every buyer is unique, at least to some degree. And that’s a start!

Crystal makes sales reps’  life easier

But not easy enough. Not nearly.

Crystal provides good insights on how reps can personalize their sales interactions. And they’re effective too. Maybe their accuracy is a tad lower than Humantic AI’s but that’s just being nitpicky. We don’t want to play like that.

The critique we do hear from ex-Crystal users who moved to Humantic AI is that Crystal’s insights are limited to one-on-one personalization. As salespeople, with the kind of targets and quotas that are looming over our heads, one-to-many personalization would be a blessing. Imagine being able to set up personalized cadences on Outreach or Salesloft! What if we said you don’t have to imagine it anymore if you were to try the better Personality AI. 🙂

Where were we again? Yes, go ahead and try Crystal. If Crystal is helpful, Humantic is effective. 233% effective. Just see how users compare the two on G2. No points for guessing which one fares better.

Users rate Humantic AI over Crystal on almost every attribute in the peer-review platform G2.
See the live comparison page.

Crystal is a great value-add

Though it’s more tactical and less strategic.

Now, all said and done, Crystal is a fine tool to incorporate personality in sales and adopt an overall buyer-centric approach to selling. Which is never a bad thing.

Though it is disappointing to see progressive sales organizations treat personality and buyer-centricity as simply a tactical lever. As something only sales reps on the ground can act upon. 

Humantic AI helps leadership, sales strategy, and RevOps teams too. With Humantic AI, you don’t just get a personality profile for people, you get to analyze past wins and losses to fine-tune your ICP, then you get to find out which 25% will become 75% of your customers, and route each lead to a rep who is most likely to build a strong rapport with them.

In short, with Humantic AI, you get Personality AI working for you throughout the sales funnel i.e., better conversations, more trust, and faster closures. Now that’s how you turn personality in sales into a strategic lever, instead of a tactical one.

Closing notes

We walk the talk when it comes to buyer-centricity. That’s why we’re urging you to try (or maybe even buy) Crystal.

If you’re evaluating between Crystal and No Crystal, we’d recommend you go for Crystal, every day of the week. But if you’re evaluating Crystal against Humantic AI… 

Try Humantic AI - some say it's Crystal on steroids

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