World’s First Buyer Intelligence Platform

World’s First
Buyer Intelligence Platform

In sales conversations, focusing on your buyer and their problems is always more effective than focusing on yourself.

Through multiple connected products, Humantic AI ensures that revenue teams have buyer insights available at every stage of the sales funnel.

Companies using Humantic AI Companies using Humantic AI
Intelligent AI assistant for getting personality insights on the go

Personality AI Assistant

Chrome extension for insights - anytime and anywhere.

Humantic web application for bulk or advanced analysis

Personality AI Dashboard

Web application for bulk or advanced analysis.

Enriched prospect profiles on all leading CRMs with Humantic's native integrations

Omnichannel Enrichment

Pre-built CRM/Other integrations for automation.

Getting personality assessment and insights via an API for use in a variety of applications


Open API for supporting integration

with any 3rd party product.

For Sellers On The Move

If you don’t have at least 14 tabs open at any given time, are you even a salesperson? The Humantic Chrome Extension gives you actionable insights wherever you go: LinkedIn, Email, Calendar, even your CRM.

Image showing how the Humantic chrome extension gives insights on LinkedIn
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The Humantic AI dashboard showing how you can analyze multiple buyer personalities at once and do a stakeholder analysis to understand group buying behaviour.

Bulk and advanced buyer analysis

Sales doesn’t work in silos. Often, the best way to work the room is understanding the buying behavior of all the stakeholders. With Humantic Dashboard, you can analyze multiple buyer personalities, all at once. Get ready to work the room like never before.

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Pre-built integrations across the board

Sales teams end up spending too much time enriching buyer data manually. With Humantic AI’s pre-built integrations into tools like Salesforce and Outreach, enrichment happens automatically for dozens of buyer attributes ranging from buyer’s job level, designation, influence, DISC personality and more.

Image showing the Humantic integration with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Sales Engagement platforms like Outreach
Getting personality assessment and insights via an API for use in any 3rd party systems

Personality AI API

Humantic Personality AI API opens up the power of personality AI to all 3rd party systems that you have deployed. You can now know your buyers and build personalization at scale across the board.

Humantic AI's buyer intelligence platform combines ML & AI with Neuroscience, Linguistics and the transformational technology behind ChatGPT.

Its algorithms are built on top of sound academic research establishing strong correlations between linguistics and personality (psycholingustics) and the correlations between social activity and behavior (computational psychometrics).

It uses the gold standard of personality models such as DISC and Big 5 to interpret the AI’s results in a way that’s actionable for any salesperson.

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Flowchart explaining what data Humantic AI process using it's personality engine to deliver actionable insights to revenue teams
A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile including overview of their personality, personalization insights during calling, email writing and deal closing.

Humantic’s game changing 1-click personalization let’s you create personalized emails based on simple prompts. Put it simply:

  • If it helps you craft emails with prompts, it’s Generative AI.
  • If it predicts someone’s personality type, it’s Personality AI.
  • If it helps you do both, it’s Humantic AI.