Graph showing different Behavioral factors that are exhibited by an individual at a workplace

Behavioral Work Factors

Graph showing the different dimensions on the Big 5 personality spectrum, also known as the OCEAN personality profile

Big 5 Personality

Graph showing the different dimensions in the DISC personality profile

DISC Profile

It is the only API in the world that can take not just text or documents but even Linkedin URL, Twitter handle or a simple Email ID as an input and provide you anyone’s DISC profile, Big 5 (OCEAN) personality assessment (and a lot more) in seconds.

When you can not afford to go wrong, you need a trustworthy partner. Humantic AI's APIs are trusted by large enterprises and path-breaking startups alike.

Its AI engine does not rely only on linguistics, it uses a combination of Psycholinguistics and Computational Psychometrics. With ML & AI on one hand and I/O Psychology and Neuroscience on the other, it provides accuracy and reliability that is simply unmatched.

The proprietary Humantic Personality AI API is often used by revenue and hiring teams across the globe. However, it also powers multiple other usecases for a large variety of products.

Sales Leader

Hiring Assesment

Intellion Systems use Humantic AI to automate psychometric assesment of candidates

Sales Leader

Marketing Personalization

Colling Media uses personality AI to better segment the customers and serve content and ads that are likely to appeal better to each segment

Sales Leader

Determining Creditworthiness

Sikoia uses personality analysis provided by Humantic AI to determine risk appetite and Creditworthinessof a loan applicant

Sales Leader

Team Selection

Boardsi uses Humantic AI APIs to analyze and match the personality of potential board members with the executive team

Companies using Humantic AI Companies using Humantic AI

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While the credit for popularizing Personality Insights goes to IBM Watson, Humantic AI has taken it to another level by building proprietary ML algorithms that can take a variety of input data and produce results with astonishing accuracy.

Only one of them is still around anyway.

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