Add rich personality data from "hello" to "pleasure doing business with you."

Humantic AI adds rich personality data across all the stages of selling - starting from learning about your ICP, selecting the right prospects, prospecting, following up and finally closing the deal.

Buyer intelligence on your fingertips

I already have account intelligence, how will this help?
People decide who wins the deal and who doesn't. With Humantic's predictive intelligence, you will always know what matters to the decision maker, and what doesn't!

DISC Selling for dummies

This is almost magical, but does it really work?
Turns out, it does. Our path-breaking AI technology combines the best of Computational linguistics and psychometrics to generate pin-point accurate DISC profiles. It's almost like your prospects took the test themselves!

Personalized sales pitch every time

Was it something she said? Or I said?
Why use Generative AI tools like Chat GPT (or a hundered other spin-offs) when you can write personalized emails in the click of a button? Humantic is the only sales personalization tool you will ever need!

Built for a remote-first world

All my selling is virtual currently, will this still help?
That's exactly when you get to savour the full power of Humantic. Meetings can become Zoom calls, lunches can go virtual, but your relationships will still flourish!

Integrated into your workflow

This seems very helpful, but would it be easy to use?
Humantic Chrome Extension works across Linkedin, Gmail and sales tools like Salesforce, Outreach and Hubspot. You will never have to switch your tab again!

Before Humantic AI , how many deals were you losing because of poor understanding of customers?

A survey conducted with the users of Humantic reveals that more than 90% of the users felt they were losing deals because of partial understanding of their buyers.

How many of those deals are you able to
save with Humantic AI?

How many of those deals are you able to save with Humantic AI?

A survey conducted with the users of Humantic reveals that almost 60% of the lost deals could be saved by using Humantic AI.

* Data based on a survey of all existing users who have used Humantic AI actively for at least 3 months

DISC Selling is a sales approach used by top salespeople to understand and serve in their buyer’s language.
It involves reading the buyer’s written, verbal and nonverbal cues which most sales people find difficult to at the beginning.
That’s why we went ahead and made it simple.

A prospect's Humantic AI personality profile including overview of their personality, personalization insights during calling, email writing and deal closing.
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Because Buyer Intelligence Drives Sales Performance


Response Rate


Time To First Engagement


Close Rate

  • As a salesperson, why do I need personality AI?


    Only 20% of the salespeople hit quota every month, the other 80% struggle. The #1 secret of these top performers is their ability to smartly perceive exactly what a prospect wants and use that to establish rapport and trust with them. Personality AI closes this gap for the other 80% of salespeople. While there is already an abundance of sales tools that provide account-level intelligence, it is the only AI that provides them with insights about the people who make decisions. Connecting with prospects at a human level is essential to win deals, especially in today’s remote-selling scenario.

  • What is buyer intelligence?


    Buyer Intelligence is an emerging category under the larger umbrella of sales intelligence tools that helps salespeople understand the buyers, the decision-makers behind a deal. While personality insights are central to buyer intelligence as they help one understand the buyers deeply, it also includes firmographic insights related to people like their seniority, function, designation, authority as well as insights about their interests and hobbies, engagement with competitors etc. Learn More.

  • What is DISC Selling?


    DISC Selling is a sales approach where salespeople use the DISC personality profile to understand and serve their buyers better. Trusted by enterprise sellers and taught by leading sales training firms like Sandler, it involves identifying what drives a buyer, and guides sellers to appeal to that. Personality AI tools like Humantic AI help sellers predict a prospect's DISC profile even before meeting them. The partnership between Sandler and Humantic AI reinforces the significance of DISC Selling in the age of AI. Learn More.

  • Where does Humantic AI work?


    Humantic AI works where salespeople work. Salespeople can get insights on their leads from right within their
    CRM - Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshsales
    Sales Engagement Platforms - Outreach, Salesloft
    Social channels - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Twitter
    It even stays right within their email client like Gmail and Outlook, and also their calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

  • Why should I use another Generative AI tool?


    Most generic Generative AI tools help you write plain and monotone emails. Even if you give multiple prompts, it won't be able to deliver a mail personalized to the person receiving it. At best, it is similar to an intern who can write a template email. Humantic’s 1click personalization is the only generative email writing tool that personalizes emails based on the receiver’s personality type.

  • Why do I need another sales intelligence tool?


    There are many sales intelligence tools in the market that help you enrich your data. You can get account-level information, prospect contact data, intent data etc. but there is no tool that gives you insights about the buyers. Personality AI and buyer intelligence have been a dormant need forever but it was always assumed that something like this is not feasible. However, technologies like Humantic AI make it possible today and are finally able to provide this missing piece in the sales intelligence stack.

  • Is there a free trial I can use?


    Definitely! Humantic AI provides a free 7-day trial period (no credit card required). You can try it on prospects and see results before making a purchase decision. You can also check out #humanticlove to see what other users have to say about Humantic AI.

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