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How to Choose The Right Closing Technique with Personality AI

In this experience-driven world, there’s only one way to outsell: appeal to the emotion, not to logic. But how do you close more deals? And how do you close them faster? It all boils down to how you pick the right closing technique for the right prospect.

Cold outreach, discovery calls and demos are all tricky in their own way, but ask anyone who works in sales, and they’ll tell you: closing is the trickiest of them all.

After all, that’s where the buck stops, and the bucks start rolling in.

Choose the right closing technique with personality AI - or you'll have to keep second-guessing yourself.
Closing and negotiation can be tricky if you don’t know your prospect inside out

You’ve been there before – in the corridor of uncertainty, unsure of what’s coming next. But what do you do in such cases? The answer is simple: in order to sell to someone, you’ve got to know them. Inside out.

Curious how you can curate your closing pitch based on your prospect’s personality?

There’s only one way to find out – keep reading!

Closing Techniques in Every Sales Pro’s Toolkit

Selling is many things. One thing it’s not – is magic. That’s why top-performing AEs and Sales Leaders rely on proven closing techniques that are repeatable and scalable.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re well aware of these techniques. Below are four ace techniques you should load up in your arsenal if you haven’t already.

1. The ‘Now or Never’ Close

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2. The Assumptive Close

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3. The ‘Opportunity Cost’ Close

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4. The Summary Close

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Now, it’s crucial to remember: mastering these closing techniques is only half the battle won. Using the right one on the right prospect will be your competitive advantage.

At the end of this article, there’s a downloadable cheat-sheet that will help you match the right closing technique to prominent personality types. Download and keep it handy!

How to Choose the Right Closing Technique with Personality AI

You’ve put in days, weeks – and sometimes months – worth of effort in moving your prospect through the pipeline.

All your hard work can go poof if you don’t tailor your closing pitch to their personality. 95% of buying decisions are subconscious, after all.

With Humantic AI, you can do just that. And all you need to do is look up your prospect’s personality insights and its actionable recommendations on how to close the deal.

There’s your perfect recipe for decision makers to sprint to signature.

Now, let’s find out how to leverage Humantic AI to take your closing process close to perfect. Let’s take two live examples.

Examples: Choosing a Closing Technique That Fits Your Prospect’s Personality

1. Niraj Kapur – Sales Leader

Niraj is a Sales Influencer and the Managing Director of “Everybody Works In Sales” where he provides sales training and LinkedIn training to corporates.

Firstly, head to LinkedIn and look up Niraj’s personality on the Humantic AI chrome extension. You’ll see something to this effect.

Suppose you’re selling a CRM tool specifically built for coaches, leaders, and independent consultants. And let’s say you’ve had a successful discovery call with Niraj, he’s seen a demo of the product, and sees considerable value in it as well.

You’re getting on a call with Niraj in 10 minutes with the intention of closing the sale.

Now, how do you win him over?

Let’s look at Humantic AI’s description of his personality again, shall we? Niraj is a decisive entrepreneur that can read between the lines.

Aha. I see.

Signs of a pro-seller: learning your prospect’s personality before jumping on a closing / negotiation call

Next, let’s jump to the ‘closing and negotiating’ section in Humantic AI.

Things to keep in mind when closing a deal with Niraj, Sales Leader. Courtesy Humantic AI.
Things to keep in mind when closing a deal with Niraj

Based on Humantic AI’s insights and closing recommendations, you should opt for the ‘Opportunity Cost‘ close with Niraj, since he responds well to proof of impact.

For example:

Niraj, wouldn’t your hate for a million-dollar deal to slip through the cracks simply because you’re using a CRM tool that wasn’t designed for people like you? Coaches using enterprise-grade CRMs work at a reduced productivity of 60%.

[Pregnant Pause]

Don’t you want to take that number back to 100%?

Believe it or not, this will work better than a summary close or an assumptive close with Niraj.

That’s the power of Personality AI. By knowing your prospect’s personality, you can strike a chord with them at any step of the sales process – including the final step – closing.

Let’s take another example.

2. Kyle Porter – CEO of Salesloft

Kyle Porter is the CEO of Salesloft.

Chances are you already know what SalesLoft does, so we’ll skip the boilerplate.

But how well do you know Kyle, their CEO? Besides maybe his LinkedIn profile and his email address?

Let’s say you’re selling Kyle an automation software that plays quite well with Salesloft’s existing tech stack. Assuming, for the sake of simplicity, that he’s the decision maker here, what are Kyle’s biggest drivers when it comes to something like this?

Just as before, head to LinkedIn, and pull up Kyle’s personality profile on the Humantic AI chrome extension.

Let’s also assume that you’ve crossed the bridge of discovery and demo calls – and that they went reasonably well. You intend to get Kyle to close on your next call with him.

What do you gather from his personality profile?

Did you say “Kyle will invest in products he truly believes in, even if it means taking risks?”

Then we say “bingo.”

With that in mind, let’s look at the closing and negotiation section of Kyle’s personality profile on Humantic AI.

Things to keep in mind when closing a deal / negotiating with Kyle, based on insights from Humantic's personality AI.
Things to keep in mind when closing a deal with Kyle

Based on the closing recommendations for Kyle, you would opt for the ‘Summary Close‘ technique, since conviction in the product is a huge driver for his decision-making.

So go ahead, reiterate the pain points you got out of him during your discovery call, and show him that you’ve been listening. Also highlight how your product is just the right solution for his problems. That’s two birds in one stone, because Kyle also cares about building meaningful relationships! And listening is always a good sign on that front.

If I were you, this is what my closing move would look like:

Kyle, you mentioned that your team spends close to 30% of their time doing busywork, instead of doing things they’re actually good at.

A company of your size, although from a different industry, saw a rise of about 18% in productivity after they started using our tool.

When I asked you what keeps you up at night, you joked that it’s anything that keeps your team up at night. With our product, you can all sleep a little better. What’s more – you also get a one-year money-back guarantee, so there’s really nothing for you to lose here.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do it.

If you liked what you saw here, you might want to nab this cheat-sheet we put together on matching the right closing technique to the right DISC personality.

The ultimate cheat-sheet for personality-based closing techniques

Humantic AI reinvents human interaction by enabling its users to reliably understand other people's personality and behavior without requiring them to take any test. Using Humantic AI's cutting-edge personality AI, salespeople can consistently close more deals.

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