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How Personality AI Led To A Personality AI Partnership

Today, we are announcing a partnership between Winmo and Humantic AI. Humantic AI will power personality insights and buyer intelligence that Winmo will roll out to 000s of sellers on its platform. Back in May, this partnership almost fell through. And beautifully enough, it was Personality AI that saved the day.

On 4th May, in the middle of our conversations, Bryon sent me this email.

Winmo COO Bryon's email about account issues with Humantic AI

Now, I have a ‘leader’ personality type (or ‘Type DS’ in DISC), so I like to cut to the chase quickly. I immediately responded with what I thought was the only objective response.

Humantic CEO Amarpreet's response to Bryon's email

Now, I knew that the data issue was a one-off issue. So I felt that Bryon was highlighting this as a negotiation tactic.

On the other hand, Bryon felt differently. He has a ‘Partner’ personality type (or ‘Type IS’ as per DISC) and he felt that I was trying to avoid the issue by asking all these questions (in one of the later meetings, he remarked “Amarpreet was trying to take us around in circles”)

Bryon's equally fiery response to Amarpreet

This was followed by a breakdown in communication. For a week or so, there was little progress. Bryon also had a vacation coming up.

Now, this was an important opportunity, and the last thing I wanted was to let our operating style differences throw a wrench in the works. And this is where Humantic AI can be incredibly powerful – this is what it reminded me about Bryon when I took a second look.

What Personality AI had to say about interacting with Bryon

Now can you guess what I did next? I slowed down, made extra effort to be appreciative and kind, instead of staying cut and dry and gave Bryon some time.

Amarpreet tailoring his approach to suit Bryon's personality and expectations

Interestingly enough, on his side, Bryon too looked at my Humantic AI profile. And as he shared later, my touch here certainly made a difference. “I’d had a good handle on his direct style by this time by understanding his profile. But in this case, he added a personal touch as a reminder that made our interaction feel less confrontational.”

Today, we are announcing this game-changing partnership for media industry sellers that will help them win more often (we see 6.2% revenue impact on the average) and faster (we see 36% sales funnel acceleration on the average).

Could this deal have come together without Humantic AI? Maybe yes, and maybe not. However, would we have spent more time stuck in our perceptions of the world instead of our counter-party’s without the Humantic intervention? Definitely, yes.

However, the most important take-away for me from this incident is not even how personality insights made this deal happen. Rather, it is how it has helped me understand Bryon better. We talk often, and I make an extra effort to be calm and wise like Bryon.

This incident serves as a reminder that not all selling styles are the same. Amarpreet made an effort to act on the social aspect of my style, which made me appreciative that he’d shown some flexibility. Our styles aren’t ideally compatible, but his ability to adapt was a key driver here.

Bryon Evje, Chief Operating Officer, Winmo

Fundamentally, we both understand each other better now and have come to develop a pretty trusting relationship. And helping people build that trust, that ‘human connection’ – that is what personality AI is all about.

Founder and CEO of Humantic AI.

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