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How To Win In Sales: Don’t Be A Salesperson, Be A Person!

The best salespeople are those who can make a buyer feel like they are the only person in the world — not just by highlighting how they would uniquely benefit from buying their product or service, but also at a deeper, more personal level. That’s how they stand out from the average salesperson.

Even run-of-the-mill salespeople think about their customers’ needs and preferences, but more often than not, they give in to temptations and end up acting “salesy”. Great salespeople, on the other hand, actually get excited about what their product can do for their customers, and how it could change their lives for the better. Because they know – as counterintuitive as it may sound –  that actually helping your buyers is the fastest way to get a deal across the finish line. 

After all, people only buy from people that they trust. And boy, do people actively distrust salespeople – especially ones that sound stereotypically salesy.

Here’s a no-frills guide to help you take a step back and be a person; not a salesperson. 

When in discovery calls, do real discovery

Almost unconsciously, most salespeople end up asking leading questions in discovery calls… framed in a way that’ll work favorably for progressing a deal forward, instead of actually digging into the buyer’s pains. 

You can’t truly help a buyer without knowing what’s hurting them. It’s crucial to be curious, and active listening can go a long way. Train the salesperson in you to fight that temptation to frame every question in a way you get a desirable response. Get real responses instead by bringing your true authentic self to every sales conversation. 

You can mean business while still being human

It’s easy to get caught up in details. Let’s say you’re in a tough negotiation spot with a buyer and not exactly seeing eye to eye. The salesperson in you would constantly think about how to “overcome” this situation. Which is fair. But remember – meaning business and being human aren’t mutually exclusive.

Don’t lose your sense of humor or forget to engage in small talk — remember the things that are most important to your buyer, even outside the deal. Only warning: know what kind of customer you’re working with before spilling your guts to them.

It’s better to be authentic and unlikeable than inauthentic and likable

It’s always a good idea to be human every step of the way: honest, empathetic, and communicative. It’s tempting to be likable at all costs in sales, much like in romantic pursuits. But in both cases, it’s better to be authentic and unlikeable, than inauthentic and likable. Of course, if you can find a way to be both authentic and likable, there’s nothing like it. A little insight from your favorite personality AI tool can get you exactly that.

Jeff Kirchick, GTM Leader and Author of Authentic Selling speaks about authenticity in sales

Treat the deal like a milestone; not a destination

If you’re always exuding Big Salesperson Energy, it’s going to affect your organization’s revenue in the long run, and not in a good way. Even if you end up being more salesperson and less ‘person’, chances are you will still create some opportunities, and close some deals. But what happens after the deal is done and the paperwork is through? Your relationship with your buyers will translate into your organization’s relationship with its customers. If your relationship is transactional to begin with, chances are the subsequent relationship is transactional as well. 

A purchase decision is simply a milestone in your company’s relationship with your customers. An important milestone that allows you to spend more time setting them up for success, but a milestone nonetheless.

Help your buyers even when it doesn’t help yourself

The best salespeople have a genuine desire to help others. If your buyers have a need for what you’re selling and don’t see it, that’s a different story. But if they truly have no need for it,  maybe you can sell them, and maybe they’ll even buy, but at that point, you’re putting your best interest over your buyer’s, and that’s just being a salesperson instead of a person all over again. Even on the business end, you might be setting yourself up for long-term churn and that’s bad news for everyone involved.

Closing notes

You’re selling something that will truly benefit your buyers. A product, a solution that makes their life easier. Your buyers might have a genuine need for your product but decision-makers across the board are fatigued with salespeople pitch slapping them everywhere they go. 

And there’s only one way to break through your buyers’ mental spam filter. Don’t be a salesperson; be a person.

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