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Kelley School of Business Partners with Humantic AI to Equip Students With AI-Assisted Selling

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Established as one of the first educational sales research centers in the country, the Center for Global Sales Leadership is the umbrella organization for “all-things-sales” at Kelley – including the professional sales major and sales curriculum. It is committed to excellence in the classroom and in preparing students for professional sales careers.

Kelley attracts top talent through cutting edge courses and practical business experiences that enhance students’ professional selling, sales management, and leadership skills outside of the classroom.

Humantic AI is a buyer intelligence platform that helps sales teams identify and understand buyers at a deeper, more personal level while fostering authentic connections. Its technology is anchored around its proprietary personality AI engine which assembles detailed personality profiles that provide actionable recommendations to sellers. Companies using Humantic AI see exponential increases in buyer response rates and improvement in first-time engagement.

Charles Ragland
Charles Ragland

“Through this partnership, Kelley’s Advanced Sales Practicum students will use Humantic AI’s technology to learn how to leverage AI-assisted selling and how to understand their buyers better,” said Charles Ragland, executive director of the Center for Global Sales Leadership, clinical associate professor of marketing and Fettig/Whirlpool Faculty Fellow. “They will also conduct various research activities on the impact of buyer intelligence.  Students will not only learn about adaptive selling, but also how technology can better help to understand themselves and others.”

Michelle Lane
Michelle Lane

“Joining the Kelley faculty after more than 30 years in technology sales, I became interested in how we can educate our students to not only understand adaptive selling, but also how they could leverage technology to appeal to buyers more effectively,” added Michelle Lane, marketing and professional sales lecturer. “This led me to identifying and working with a cutting-edge company, Humantic AI, which was already working towards solving this problem for salespeople.”

The primary objective of this partnership is not just to shine light on the importance of buyer-centric adaptive selling, but also measure the visible impact of such an approach.

During the semester, the students will be engaging in various research activities and case studies to measure the impact and effectiveness of buyer intelligence.

“Humantic AI is built on a foundation of decades of academic research in the fields of neuroscience and computational psychometrics” said Amarpreet Kalkat, founder and CEO of Humantic AI. “When the opportunity to give back to the academic community came up, we jumped at it. We’ve already seen astounding results with sales teams in the industry, and we’re thrilled to help the talented participants at Kelley make AI-assisted selling a core part of their skill set.”

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Humantic AI reinvents human interaction by enabling its users to reliably understand other people's personality and behavior without requiring them to take any test. Using Humantic AI's cutting-edge personality AI, salespeople can consistently close more deals.

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