How To Accelerate Buying Decisions With A Personalized Sales Demo

You’ve spent days or weeks prospecting high-intent leads, finding the right decision-makers, running outreach sequences, and finally booking a sales demo. But despite your best effort, there’s no guarantee prospects will like what they see and move closer to a deal. 

What if there was a way to deliver the perfect demo that meets all of your prospects’ expectations, addresses their objections, and convinces them to sign the paperwork?

Enter: buyer-centric sales demos

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and customize your demos to fit every prospect’s goals. Buyer-centric demos keep a buyer’s specific needs at the core and contextualize your product’s capabilities and use cases to fulfill these needs. 

We’ve compiled this quick guide on creating buyer-focused sales demos to engage your prospects and win deals like a pro. 

How to customize your sales demo? Start with these 5 parameters

Let’s break down the five most essentials factors to customize your demo for each prospect:

  1. Pain points

Identify the biggest challenges and pain points hurting a prospect’s growth. Understanding these pain points will help you map out their expectations and see how you can help. It lets you tailor your value propositions to win their trust and give them the confidence to work with you. 

  1. User persona

Every persona has a unique set of expectations from your demos. Getting this right can make your pitch more foolproof and help you prepare for all possible objections. What’s more, you can focus solely on certain use cases and benefits that would make life easy for a specific persona. 

Mor Assouline, Founder of FDTC, explains why you should customize your demos based on buyer personas. 

“It’s important to understand your buyer persona before anything. For example, if you’re talking to an executive, you know their time is limited and they want to know how you can help them in the shortest period of time and cut out the pleasantries many times. Get to the point on your demos with  those types of buyers.”

Here’s a user persona template for inspiration:

  1. Buyer personality

A buyer’s personality and preferences play an undeniably huge role in the sales process. To strike the right chord with a prospect, customize your demo for their personality type (more on this shortly). Tweak your demo based on their communication style, buying approach, and other factors to see positive results. 

Here’s a snippet of how Humantic analyzes buyer personalities:

Image depicting a prospect's buyer profile on Humantic AI
  1. Gaps in workflows

Your research about a prospect should clarify the gaps in their workflows that you can address and optimize. Stress these gaps during the call to position your product as a viable solution. But accuracy is key here. So, make sure you identify these gaps correctly instead of hitting in the dark. 

  1. Current tech stack

Assess the set of tools they currently use to emphasize ways for integrating your solution in this tech stack. You can also use this information to compare their current tool with your product and spotlight the benefits of making the switch. 

How to define these parameters for every prospect?

So, you know how to customize your demo for each buyer using these five parameters. But how will you find the right information to work with? Try a combination of these techniques to gather enough information about every prospect before a demo call:

  • Conduct in-depth discovery calls: A discovery call will help you qualify leads and reveal the challenges you can resolve. Plan an overall structure for this call, but keep it open-ended to let your prospects talk about their biggest issues and talk without hesitation. 

Mor emphasizes the importance of a good discovery call to shape your sales demos. 

“Discovery is bar far the most important information you need to successfully execute a demo. Specifically, no demo should be done until you know, 1) what is the pain, 2) how big is that pain, 3) who’s affected by that pain?, 4) when do they want to start solving the pain?”

  • Perform extensive research: Meticulously research every prospect to go beyond the surface-level details and capture the deeper nuances of their business. Look through their financial reviews, quarterly/year-end reports, and other resources to chalk out the scope for your demo. 

Mor offers two key tips for conducting thorough research:

“One, see if prospects post on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social channels. This gives you a taste of how they communicate. Two, take obnoxious amounts of notes on your call with them. Take notes on what words they use on the call and how they use them (their tonality).

  • Use buyer intelligence tools: Collecting buyer intelligence is the most crucial link in the chain. Use a powerful and intuitive tool like Humantic AI to identify every prospect’s personality traits and preferences. This will take you a step ahead of your prospects and predict their needs, objections, questions, and more. 

Humantic gives you real-time tips on structuring your communication for every lead to capture their attention and keep them engaged.

Factors that determine a buyer's purchasing behavior
  • Lean on more sales tools: Cover all bases in your pre-demo research to show prospects how well you understand their requirements. Use tools like ZoomInfo to dig deeper into every prospective buyer and build your demo around buyer intent data.  

A simple rule of thumb to conduct your research before a demo is to simplify the buying decision for your prospects. 

So, your demo should not just spotlight your product’s core capabilities and leave it at that. Instead, use the demo call as an opportunity to explain your product’s functionality so that your prospects are convinced to buy a plan. 

Win over your prospects with a personalized sales demo

Every buyer’s personality dictates their decision to buy or skip a product. If you tune your demos to their personalities, you can make a better impact on your prospective buyers and nudge them toward a purchase. This is where Humantic can work wonders for you. 

Humantic’s Personality AI Assistant can change the game by accurately identifying every buyer’s personality. For each personality, you’ll learn their essential traits and detailed insights for communicating with them over text and call.  

Here’s the ultimate cheatsheet for personalizing your sales demos for each personality:

Conducting a Personalized Sales Demo: a cheatsheet
Click on the image to download cheatsheet

Humantic AI reinvents human interaction by enabling its users to reliably understand other people's personality and behavior without requiring them to take any test. Using Humantic AI's cutting-edge personality AI, salespeople can consistently close more deals.

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