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How To Personalize Sales Emails Using Humantic AI

Getting responses to an email is no cakewalk – especially when you’re trying to sell something. There’s so much noise out there, so you really need to stand out if you don’t want your conversation to be one-sided. Everyone knows you need to personalize emails to stand out. But how?! How do you do it effectively, consistently, reliably?

First order of business to convert a prospective buyer into an interested buyer – you need to stop assuming how they want to be communicated to, and make an effort to actually know them. Ensuring you personalize your email in just the right way for your prospective buyers (beyond a simple name-insert) makes you a far better salesperson than the masses out there.

However, if you’re reading this, you already knew that – and we’re preaching to the choir. In this guide, we will show you how you can considerably increase your email conversion rate through personalization. This will work whether you’re in B2B sales or not. 

What makes a great sales email – a recap

The subject

It can make or break the success of any sales email, or any kind of email for that matter. If it doesn’t get read, it’s as good as a draft that’s unsent.

The hook

It is crucial to present your recipient with the right hook, or messaging, to entice them into taking action.

The tone

If you take the wrong tone, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot before the opportunity even materializes.

The ask

As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to add more friction in your CTA. That said, how do you frame your final ask in the email?

Personality-driven Email Personalization

To draft a personalized email that sells, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The email needs to be tailored to your prospect’s personality type, buying traits, risk appetite, and general behavior. Once you know all the relevant behavioral insights for your target prospect, personalizing your email and hitting the right chord would become much easier.

Fortunately, access to buyer intelligence is now as easy as ordering a pizza online – some say it’s easier 🙂 Humantic’s Personality AI assistant helps you get personality insights for your prospective buyers in a jiffy, so you can study their personality and draft sales emails that convert. 

Now let’s take some live examples to learn how to tailor a sales email with personality AI.

Example: Personalized sales email selling a ZoomInfo-alternative to Alice Heiman

Alice is an experienced sales consultant, leadership coach and corporate speaker. A salesperson named Michael is selling a data scraping tool that helps users extract anyone’s contact details. 

Here’s a barely personalized sales email to Alice looks like.
Subject Line: Voted best SaaS tool in the 2022 startup conclave

Hey Alice,

Hope you’re doing great!

I am Michael, I’m a business development manager at Our tool has been recognized all over the world and we recently got awarded in the startup conclave 2022. 

We are proud to present you the best data scraping solution for your daily needs of the consultancy business. We believe we can help many businesses thrive in their domains and as you are a part of the ecosystem – we would like to invite you to a demo session.

Please pick a slot of your choice here for the upcoming week to discuss more.

Thank you,

Michael does not know much about Alice’s personality, and it’s evident. He glances at her LinkedIn, finds out she is a sales consultant and personalizes his email to that extent.

Now consider another sales rep Emma pitching the same SaaS solution to Alice. However, Emma takes a little help from Humantic’s personality AI.

Alice's Personality Profile As Created by Humantic AI

After studying Alice’s Humantic profile and analyzing the personality insights generated, Emma personalizes her email corresponding to DS personality traits.

The subject The hookThe toneThe ask
To the point, no beating around the bush.Highlight the challenges in realizing their vision.Formal and professional.Ask if your assumptions are right, or if there are any other challenges.
Here’s what a hyper-personalized sales email to Alice looks like.
Subject Line: Every CEO’s email at the click of a button

You recently mentioned that most of your clients are inbound and not outbound because it’s incredibly hard to track email coordinates of CEOs, even with a plethora of tools in the market. 
The email IDs which the ZoomInfos and Lushas of the world throw at you, almost always gets redirected to their chief of staff or personal assistant, who promptly mark your cold outreach as spam.

I’m here to say you might have to look beyond the ZoomInfos of the world. is the only tool that gives you validated email IDs which have seen considerable recent activity. Which means, real email IDs of real CEOs.

Interested in powering up your outbound motion? Let me know when’s a good time for us to discuss for your consulting practice.


Did you notice that Emma kept the email primarily formal and put her point straight during the beginning? That’s what Humantic suggested and if not for personality insights – she would have done what any average sales person like Michael would have done. .

That’s what makes her a top rep.

Another Example

Now imagine Emma is selling the same tool to a prospect with a different personality type. Humantic tells her that this person is of DI type. This is how she would tackle it:

The subjectThe hookThe toneThe ask
Pertaining to social standing and impactFocus on people and relationships, instead of problems and solutionsKeep it cheerful and engaging. Feel free to sprinkle a GIF or a couple of emojis.Ask for their opinion or thoughts on something, instead of inviting them to a demo. You don’t want to be seen as transactional.

See the difference between the two approaches? Both are great frameworks for a personalized email, but this email would bomb if it found itself in Alice’s inbox because she’s a different type of buyer and it’s important to make sure you speak their language.

That’s not all, my friends. Below is a checklist on how you can personalize your email components according to your buyer’s personality. Screenshot it, bookmark it, print it, or straight up memorize it. It’ll come in handy.

Ultimate cheatsheet to personalizing sales emails

Ultimate cheatsheet to personalize sales emails according to your buyer's personality
How to personalize sales emails according to your buyer’s personality

Humantic AI reinvents human interaction by enabling its users to reliably understand other people's personality and behavior without requiring them to take any test. Using Humantic AI's cutting-edge personality AI, salespeople can consistently close more deals.

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