Case Study

Learn how the largest moving company in North America used Humantic AI to increase their sales by empowering their Inside sales reps with Humantic’s personality AI.

How JK Moving Services Increased Sales By 20% Using Buyer Intelligence

About The Company

JK Moving Services is the largest independent moving company in North America. It provides local, long-distance, and global relocation services to a variety of commercial and residential clients.

Quick Facts

  • Relocation, Storage and Moving Services
  • Founded in 1982
  • 1000+ Employees
  • HQ in Virginia

The Objective

In the moving industry, trust and comfort play a critical role in every customer’s decision to choose a specific service provider.

JK Moving’s professional consultants reported that, despite the company being one of the most loved and trusted brands in the space, they were losing certain prospects to their competition due to pricing and other factors.

There was a visible need to build better rapport between buyers and sellers communicating through virtual channels.

The Challenge

The JK Moving team wanted to use relevant AI solutions to build better buyer-seller rapport. They wanted a system in place that could help them replicate their success and deliver delightful customer experiences.

The Solution

Humantic AI’s Buyer Intelligence platform provided actionable insights about the buyers’ likes, dislikes, and motivations to the sales team. Using this, they were able to easily modify their sales approach to suit each buyer’s specific needs and more effectively engage and build new partnerships.

How JK Moving Services Increased Sales By 20% Using Buyer Intelligence

The consumer sales team was able to close big-ticket deals simply by adapting to their buyers’ pace

Impact of Humantic AI

  • They were able to close deals 2X their average deal size.
  • Individual reps were able to improve their close rates between 15-25% in one month.

JK Moving plans to use Humantic AI next with their marketing team to fine tune their ICP and continue to expand it to the account management teams in a bid to deliver delightful customer experiences – not just during a move, but before and after it as well.

From the leadership

"For a company that lives its values of integrity and service, finding a positive, constructive way to incorporate AI technology matters. Humantic AI's platform delivers actionable insights that lead to tangible, quantifiable results. Just as importantly, the focus on customer experience aligns perfectly with our goals. It's a solid win for us and for our clients."
- Ken Cohen, SVP Sales, JK Moving

About Humantic AI

Humantic AI provides buyer intelligence to revenue teams. It ensures that sellers always know their buyers before they meet them.

Humantic AI's technology is anchored around its proprietary personality AI engine, which combines ML & NLP with Neuroscience to create detailed personality profiles of the buyers. These profiles provide recommendations to sellers to help them personalize every interaction with their buyers at every step of their buying journey.

Its customers include companies like Appian, Rackspace and McKinsey. They see significant change in response and win rates when they adopt buyer intelligence by Humantic AI.

It delivers a new way for sales and marketing teams to understand their prospects and deliver authentic personalization like it’s never been possible earlier.

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