What Is Buyer Intelligence?

What Is Buyer Intelligence?

Buyer Intelligence is the ability to know your buyers, how they make decisions, what truly moves them and what doesn’t.

It’s the part of sales intelligence that you have been missing all this while: an inside look at how your buyers make decisions.

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Buyer Intelligence is the missing piece in your Sales Intelligence stack that gives you details about the buyer and how they make decisions which you need to close a deal.

The four pillars of buyer-centric selling.

Buyer Driven
The seller shall remember that they can’t make a sale unless the buyer decides to buy.
Always Personalised
Buyers are being bombarded. The seller shall ensure that every interaction, whether over email, call or in-person, shall be personalized. Every single time.
Human Connection
People make decisions, not companies. The seller shall strive to authentically connect with the humans involved in the deal, not the corporate entity.
No Guess Work
The seller shall always know their buyer. The seller shall never try to bluff their way to a buyer’s heart (or pocket).

The transformational technology
at the core of Buyer Intelligence

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Buyer behind the persona
Image showing the different factors that come into play while making a buying decision

The concept of buyer personalities and its correlation with a buyer’s buying and decision-making behavior is scientifically well-established.

However, until recently, it was virtually impossible to obtain a buyer’s personality type as traditional methods of personality analysis required the buyer to fill out a survey.

However, with Humantic AI’s predictive Personality AI, you can arrive at a buyer’s personality traits simply by processing data available in the public domain, which there is plenty of.

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A guide to how Humantic works

Our buyer Intelligence platform is not just a Machine Learning and AI platform. It combines ML & AI with Social & IO Psychology, Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics, thereby creating one of the most powerful cross-domain applied research systems in the world.

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