What Is Buyer Intelligence?

What Is Buyer Intelligence?

Buyer Intelligence is the ability to know your buyers, how they make decisions, what truly moves them and what doesn’t.

It’s the part of sales intelligence that you have been missing all this while: an inside look at how your buyers make decisions.

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Buyer Intelligence is the missing piece in your Sales Intelligence stack that gives you details about the buyer and how they make decisions which you need to close a deal.

The four pillars of buyer-centric selling.

Buyer Driven
The seller shall remember that they can’t make a sale unless the buyer decides to buy.
Always Personalised
Buyers are being bombarded. The seller shall ensure that every interaction, whether over email, call or in-person, shall be personalized. Every single time.
Human Connection
People make decisions, not companies. The seller shall strive to authentically connect with the humans involved in the deal, not the corporate entity.
No Guess Work
The seller shall always know their buyer. The seller shall never try to bluff their way to a buyer’s heart (or pocket).

The transformational technology
at the core of Buyer Intelligence

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Buyer behind the persona
Image showing the different factors that come into play while making a buying decision

The concept of buyer personalities and its correlation with a buyer’s buying and decision-making behavior is scientifically well-established.

However, until recently, it was virtually impossible to obtain a buyer’s personality type as traditional methods of personality analysis required the buyer to fill out a survey.

However, with Humantic AI’s predictive Personality AI, you can arrive at a buyer’s personality traits simply by processing data available in the public domain, which there is plenty of.

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A guide to how Humantic works

Our buyer Intelligence platform is not just a Machine Learning and AI platform. It combines ML & AI with Social & IO Psychology, Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics, thereby creating one of the most powerful cross-domain applied research systems in the world.

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  • What is personality AI?


    Personality AI is a technology that can predict someone’s personality without them needing to take any kind of test. It generally recycles existing data - a prospect’s Linkedin profile, the transcript of a call or an email written by them to predict personality with 80%+ proven accuracy.
    While personality AI has been used for hiring for a long time, it is a revolutionary concept in sales. Up until now, there has been no definitive method that can help salespeople connect with every prospect based on their personality, except in research papers. Personality AI turns such scientific theory into reality.

  • Are personality insights important for selling?


    They say that “You buy emotionally and back it up with logic”. If you are to appeal to the emotion of the buyer, there is no better way than to focus on their personality and tailor your selling style to their buying style . All the pros do it naturally, tools like Humantic AI just makes it easier to do it at scale for everyone.

  • Why should you choose Humantic AI?


    Humantic AI is only buyer intelligence platform in the market. It is powered by the easiest and most actionable personality AI. Customers report at least 10% higher accuracy than its closest competitor as it uses the best of two algorithms instead of relying on one.
    Humantic AI brings personality insights where salespeople are, instead of asking them to come where the insights are. Its Chrome extension assistant integrates not just with Linkedin, but also with your calendar, email, CRM as well as sales engagement tools.

  • Why DISC selling?


    DISC is a behavioural model that helps you know the personality type of a person. DISC selling is a proven technique that is adopted by top sales teams like the ones at McKinsey and taught by legendary sales firms like Sandler.

  • Can Humantic AI replace sales reps?


    No. It is the most actionable sales tool for reps who want AI to assist them and not replace them. It has also been rated as the #1 tool on G2 for support as well as ease of use, amongst all sales tools.

  • How does Personality AI work?


    Humantic AI uses AI and ML algorithms to study linguistic patterns as well as non-linguistic signals from one’s Linkedin profile. It then uses it to provide salespeople with a personality-based profile of their prospects as well as actionable insights, which helps sell to them better. In doing so, Humantic AI helps salespeople become more data-driven and use insights to drive their actions at every step.
    You can read in detail about how Humantic AI works in this blog post.

  • How accurate are AI generated personality insights?


    Humantic AI’s insights are more accurate than its human equivalent when it comes to professional acquaintances. It can predict personality with 85% accuracy as long as there is enough data about a person.
    When enough data is not available, Humantic AI shows users a ‘confidence score’ that lets them know about the paucity of enough data so that they can calibrate their approach accordingly. You can read in detail about Humantic AI’s accuracy and validation in this blog post.

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