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A Fulfilling Job. A Productive Employee.

  • DISC Profile

    Get instant DISC profile of the candidate without requiring him to take a test

  • Big Five Personality Traits

    Assess the candidate for Big Five personality traits without requiring her to answer a questionnaire

  • Behavioral Work Factors

    Understand the candidate’s workplace behavior on factors that matter

  • Personalization Assistance

    Get tailored advice for each candidate based on their personality

Staffing and Sourcing Professionals

Get Yourself A Personal AI Assistant

  • Convert 30% more top candidates by using custom 'personalization assistance'
  • Wow your clients by delivering data-driven candidate shortlists that take zero effort
  • Enable 50% higher recruiter productivity and 100% higher recruiter happiness

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Talent Acquisition Teams

Make Your Recruitment Data-Driven

  • Do personality assessment for 100% of your candidates, not just the final 2%
  • Hire more women and minorities by assigning more value to candidate soft skills
  • Create industry-best candidate experience by letting candidates judge their culture fit without taking a test

People Analytics Teams

Drive Change Via Effortless Personality Assessment

  • Analyze gaps in team structure, foster diversity and inclusion
  • Instantly assess existing employees when needed, not just the new hires
  • Objectively measure your culture and values, without requiring frequent surveys

Build next-gen talent tools and features with our instant personality insights API


Because Hiring Shouldn't Be A One-Way Street

  • Walk in prepared, find the company that is right for you
  • Get to know your future team and its culture
  • Learn about your interviewers and what will make you succeed

Customers Already Making Hiring More Humane

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Right Job For Every Person.

Right Person for Every Job.

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Improve Your Conversion


Improve Your Conversion


Improve Your Conversion


Improve Your Conversion


Improve Your Conversion


Improve Your Conversion