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“Sell Me This Pen”


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Relationship intelligence on your fingertips

I already have account intelligence, how will this help?
People decide who wins the deal and who doesn't. With Humantic's predictive intelligence, you will always know what matters to the decision maker, and what doesn't!

Science that really works

This is almost magical, but does it really work?
Turns out, it does. Our path-breaking combination of Psychology, ML and Computational Linguisitics creates AI with unmatched accuracy. Our recruitment users have loved it for years!

Personalized sales pitch every time

Was it something she said? Or I said?
With Humantic's personalized sales advice, you can take the guesswork out of your communication and say exactly what matters. Whether on email, or on a call!

Built for a remote-first world

All my selling is virtual currently, will this still help?
That's exactly when you get to savour the full power of Humantic. Meetings can become Zoom calls, lunches can go virtual, but your relationships will still flourish!

Integrated into your workflow

This seems very helpful, but would it be easy to use?
Humantic Chrome Extension works across Linkedin, Gmail and CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics etc. (soon). You will never have to switch your tab again!

Build automated sales & marketing personalization with our instant personality insights API

Stop flying blindfolded.
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When you don't know customers, you lose deals.


Improve Your Conversion


    Improve Your Conversion


      Improve Your Conversion